Click HereWhether you need name tags for organizing children for school, keeping track of your things at home, putting a brand to your products or adding colors to your party or event, StickerSplash.com can design and print attractive custom stickers that can be placed on almost anything.

Custom Stickers

What we do?

Children love to brand their belongings with their names. It offers them a chance to show others all the things that belong to them. Individualized name stickers give your children the liberty to declare ownership of their products in a fun and colorful way. Children name tags incorporate vibrant ingenuity with name tags, making them an eye-catching alternative for children to enhance their valuables with. At StickerSplash.com, we know that children undoubtly love an array of colors and cartoon characters. This is why we bring these together in children name stickers. Our customized name stickers are excellent for attaching to an array of items such as school publications, childrens backpack, luggage, lunch boxes, sports bag, pencil boxes, music case, toys and more!


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