In order to get your bulk DISCOUNT, you need to purchase a total amount of $30 (excluding any shipping) or more.

For example if you buy 6 sets (total cost $30), you can use the discount code “$5off” during your checkout, hence you only pay for the cost of $25.


Discount Code

The following table shows all the discount codes with minimum purchase conditions:

Discount Code                                   Minimum Purchase                            How much do you pay?
$5off                                                                  $30                                            $25.00 (save SG$5.00)
$10off                                                               $60                                            $50.00 (save SG$10.00)
$15off                                                                $90                                           $75.00 (save SG$15.00)
$20off                                                               $120                                          $100.00 (save SG$20.00)
$25off                                                               $150                                          $125.00 (save SG$25.00)
$30off                                                               $180                                          $150.00 (save SG$30.00)

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